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Fundatia "Pop de Popa"

pentru Ocrotirea Bolnavilor cu Afectiuni Cardiovasculare

Centre for Innovation in Medicine

The Center for Innovation in Medicine is an organisation based in Bucharest, Romania, focused on the innovation in healthcare.

Marius Geanta

co-founder Centre for Innovation in Medicine.

Asociatia Nationala a Hemofilicilor din Romania

ANHR este o asociatie non-guvernamentala, fara scop patrimonial care desfasoara activitati de promovare si protejare a intereselor comune ale bolnavilor de hemofilie.

Societatea Nationala de Oncologie Medicala din Romania

Our misson is to defend the professional status, the medical prestige and the medical deontology, as well as to improve of the work conditions of the specialist medics in medical oncology.


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